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A Guide to Becoming a Home Health Aide

Thanks to the advancement of technology, not everyone needs to drive to school for their education Technology has provided us with plenty of options whereby we can learn remotely with flexible hours to fit our daily needs. One of the sectors with such an option is the health sector

Do you have an interest in becoming a healthcare provider? Well, maybe being a home health aide (also known as “HHA”) is the thing for you! In even that you don't know how to go about this, relax. There is a home health aide online course for you that will be the topic of this article.


In the discussions below, we’ll address who or what a home health aide is, their duties or responsibilities, how to go about the HHA online course and all the resources you will require to qualify as one. So, keep reading!

What is a home health aide?

You may know of people who have a terminal illness or just the elderly who are taken care of at their homes. HHA’s provide care to clients in a home care setting instead of going to nursing homes or hospitals. The people who provide this service of taking care of them are home health aides.

Home Health aides reduce the cost of staying in hospitals or nursing homes; while taking care of the patient in their familiar setting. This speeds up the process of healing or at least makes it more bearable. Home health aides also work with people with disabilities by providing therapy sessions or any other necessary care they need.

Due to this need for the patient to be within familiar surroundings or near their family members, most people are opting for the home health aides. This has caused their demand grow steadily over the last few years.

What are some of the tasks of a home health aide?

HHAs perform almost similar tasks to regular nurses, though they go a step beyond in the patient care. This means that they are a very vital part of the healthcare team.

Some Home health aide tasks may include:

* Assisting the patient with brushing teeth, bathing, and dressing.
* Clean up activities of clothes or tools that a patient needs for their healing process.
* Qualified home health aides are allowed to monitor their patients’ vital signs.
* Report client healing progress to the medical practitioner in charge of the patient.
* Keeping them safe within their home and keeping them company. It is providing patients with hand-on care, but with a personal touch.

So there you have it. If being a HHA is your calling or you have a passion for making a difference in the lives of the elderly, disabled or those undergoing terminal illness then being a home health aide is something you should consider.

How do you become a home health aide?

The process of becoming a home health aide is not complex. The fastest and most convenient way of becoming a HHA is through undertaking a home health aide online course. There are plenty of resources online offering HHA training courses.

The advantage with this mode of learning is its convenience. Once you get going, you will be well on your way to getting a rewarding job in the health and medical field.

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How long does it take to be a home health aide?

Where ever you decide to acquire your HHA training you will only take approximately 1 – 6 weeks to complete it. You only need to set apart this amount of time, then soon enough you will be on your way to begin your home health aide career.

There are very minimal requirements to become a home health aide, which is why most people prefer the online learning route when joining the medical industry. However, that is not the only reason. As mentioned earlier in this article, demand for HHAs has steadily grown in the last few years making this to be one of the fastest jobs in the market with a high number of job openings.

Now that we have explained what a HHA is and how you can become one, here is a breakdown of the actual basics necessary to be a HHA and how long each component takes.

What are the general qualifications to be a home health aide?

* To be eligible to work as a HHA:
* You will have to be a US citizen or have eligibility to work in the US.
* You may need HHA certification before being employed depending on the agency.
* You will have to fill an application form alongside other information such as proof of education, other skills you have, references, work
* experience if any, or any other relevant information.
* Age – normally there are no age limitations but you will need to be at least 18 years and above.
* Driver’s license is usually required because driving the client may be one of your duties as a HHA.
* Regarding the education level, most employers only need at least for you to have reached High school level.
* Training – should be in line with employers requirements.
* Exam – normally you will be required to pass the HHA competency test.
* Little to no experience is required.
* You will need proof of health immunizations, particularly immunization against TB
* Background checks are usually required. In relation to this, fingerprints are normally required too.
* Sometimes, your photo ID will be needed.

How do I pass the home health aide written Exam?

Not everyone is a fan of doing exams, we understand. However, there is no need to be all nervous about it though The HHA test is pretty simple and with a little preparation you are guaranteed to pass.

As you undertake the HHA training course whether online or otherwise, your instructors will also equip you with plenty of learning material and HHA practice exams to help you prepare for the test.

The HHA practice exam should contain a sample of several questions you can expect in the test. If you practice with these sample questions and handle as many times as possible, you will definitely be prepared for the test and you will be certified within no time.

By using practice tests you will have reduced your exam stress level by almost 50% and they will boost your confidence and ability to center on the potential test questions.

How to make more money and advance your career

If your goal is to eventually have your salary increased, you will have to consider advancing your training and improving your skills.

Though the essentials of home care are mostly considered basic, there is always something new to learn in the field of home care that you can take advantage of. If there is a chance of advancing your training, by all means take it! This will ensure you always remain more competitive.

Did you know you can further advance to becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA)? This is actually recommended for you for the long term. You must be wondering what difference there is between a HHA and a CNA, right? Let us break it down for you below:

A home health aide does not necessarily need a diploma to work, but a CNA needs one.
A home health aide requires only minimal training, while the CNA needs extensive training.
While a HHA only requires to be certified to work, a CNA needs to be both certified and licensed to work.
Generally a CNA earns higher income compared to the home health aide obviously because they are advanced in training.

However, most home health aides opt to stay as HHAs without advancing to certified nursing aide, because it is less stressful and the HHA's schedule is more flexible. As they have a choice of working part time or full time or something in between.

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